Fizzy Wines

Our Fizzy Wines are delicious by the pint, mixed with your favorite craft beer to make a radler, or used in cocktails.  All of our Fizzy Wines are made with non-GMO ingredients and are naturally Gluten-Free, Vegan. 

We have several year-round flavors as well as several seasonal creations and some special unicorn releases!  

The list below is of all of our creations.  Our taplist is updated weekly, although it does change often in between.  If you wish to purchase bottles from our taproom, click here to see what's available. 

  • YR= year round (bottled and distributed all throughout the year)
  • SS= seasonal (bottled and distributed, usually available for 2-3 months when released)
  • U= limited release unique flavor (sometimes and experiment, not bottled, limited distribution, may make only surprise appearances)