Taplist Offerings as of 9/4/2017; subject to surprise changes:


FIZZY WINE flavors in rotation- 6 at a time

Delicious Year 'round Flavors:

 Ruby Zozzle ~ Blackberry Habanero ~ Lavender Lemon ~ Lime Habanero ~ Ginger Lemon

Seasonal Flavors:  

 Duke's Blueberry Mint ~ Strawberry Rhubarb ~ Raspberry Spiffy

Experimental Flavors: 

Habricot (Apricot, Thyme, Habanero, Ginger)  Cherry Basil (Cherry & Basil) Spiced Plum (Plum, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon)


Cocktail Over Ice

Either guide the way with your favorite Fizzy Wine and preferred (available) spirit, or ask for the Bartender's personal favorite. Served over ice. 



Fizzy Wine Slushies and Fizzy Wine Cocktail Slushies are available daily.   Flavors change regularly to keep it exciting!



Marionberry Draft Mead by Author Mead, Vancouver WA.

Smoking Coyote by Fringe Mead, Ore.


Cast Out IPA by Crux, Bend Ore

Deadline Pilsner by Mazama, Corvallis Ore

Couve A'Licious Brown Ale by Fortside, Vancouver WA

Kanaka Belgian Saison by Fortside, Vancouver WA


Peach-Cran-Orange by Alter Ego, Portland OR


*Cocktail service (only the items with liquor) ends 1 hour prior to the closing of Tamale Boy.

**We do not currently fill growlers of Mead; there are Fringe bottles available for purchase.