Happier Hours

5-7pm Tues -Fri

4-6pm Sat/Sun

Honored Discounts

10% discount for Veterans

10% discount for Teachers

Cocktail | Taptail*

We now offer a Fizzy Taptail in our rotation of draft beverages.  Ask your bartender! 

Growler Fills

$14.25..........Fizzy Growler Fills (64oz)

Saturday Fizzy Growler Grab Day (640z)!  Bring your growler, it'll be worth it.  Visit, call, or email for details!

$inquire.....Growler Fills of Beer/Cider (64oz) vary

Mug Club

Our Mug Club is accepting new members!  What you receive ~ a Mug Club Beverage every day that we are open! 

At $250 annually, that could work out quite well for you!  At just a weekly visit, it is paid for....but within the year.  If you happen to come more than that, you're making money! Or saving money! Sound logic either way.