Happier Hours

5-7pm Tues -Fri

4-6pm Sat/Sun

Honored Discounts

10% discount for Veterans

10% discount for Teachers

Cocktail | Taptail*

We now offer a Fizzy Taptail in our rotation of draft beverages.  Ask your bartender! 

Growler Fills

$14.25..........Fizzy Growler Fills (64oz)

Saturday Fizzy Growler Grab Day (640z)!  Bring your growler, it'll be worth it.  Visit, call, or email for details!

$inquire.....Growler Fills of Beer/Cider (64oz) vary

Mug Club

Our Mug Club is accepting new members!  What you receive ~ a Mug Club Beverage every day that we are open! 

At $250 annually, that could work out quite well for you!  At just a weekly visit, it is paid for within the year.  If you visit us twice weekly, your mug has paid for itself in just 4.5 months.  Anything after that, you're either making money, or saving money! Sound logic either way.