Dear Fizzy Wine Fans - 

What started as a fun project in my basement in 2011 turned out to be the inception of Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wine Co. Much to our joy, our early fizzy wine efforts were well received, and we moved to our production space and taproom on 18th and Dekum in 2014. It's been an incredible ride. We've distributed our fizzy wine in multitudes of flavors and in just about every color of the rainbow. Our clever winemakers have turned just about everything we can think of into a fizzy wine, including beets and carrots. I'm proud of what we created, and everyone who has put in the Time, Talent - but more importantly, Heart - to make it happen.

The Hi-Wheel Taproom has become a living room for the Woodlawn neighborhood, where lovely people come to gather to mix, mingle and connect. That was always my vision when I first considered my own venue, and it brings me delight every day to see who comes and enjoys. 

We've had wedding parties, bridal showers, retirement parties and volunteer parties. Meetups, bingo, business gatherings, dating events, and dinners for our favorite charities like Our House. We've had private parties that have filled our winery with laughter and joy until late into the night. Countless pooches visit the patio, and more than one cat has napped on a lap or a chair. New friends and old have come to Hi-Wheel over the years.

Our fizzy wine has been found all over Portland, up to Seattle, and down to San Francisco in both draft and bottles. We've mulled it, made cocktails with it, and turned it into slushies. One early bottle of Ruby Zozzle got a private photo shoot on a beach in southern England, and is a treasure in a frame in the taproom. 

And with that, the lease is up on our space the end of 2019, and we've decided not to renew. We'll close our doors in November.

We want to celebrate what's really made Hi-Wheel successful, and that is you. All the people who have come for the flavors and the fun, to try something new and different. And so we shall celebrate. 

We'll have our usual annual 5th year Anniversary Party on Saturday Sept 28th. And something unusual, but very much Portland: The Hi-Wheel Funeral Party on Sat Nov 2nd. 

Thank you all for this wild ride, it was a dream come true for this man. And to you I am deeply grateful for giving life to that dream. 

Ken Bonnin, Jr

Hi-Wheel Founder