We currently offer nibbles from Albina City Nuts. Desiring a meal instead? No problem, you have several easy and close options….

  • you are welcome to B.Y.O. Picnic

  • you can order delivery to yourself while you’re here from the growing list of services…. Amazon Now, Caviar, GrubHub, UberEats, or your friend that is on their way!

  • by our immediate neighbors:

    • Tamale can order your food and they'll deliver to you at our taproom, or purchase beverages from Hi-Wheel and bring over to Tamale Boy.

    • Ranch Pizza PDX...our newest neighbor in our business triplex! These incredible folks make delectable pan pizza with super fresh toppings and all the house-made RANCH you can handle. Sadly, the OLCC licensing prohibits drinks co-mingling from Ranch and our shared patio (Tamale Boy & Hi-Wheel)....but we are hopeful we can sort it out in the near future. So for'll need to order your pizza "to go" and bring it over.

  • enjoy dinner, or pick-up on your way, from the growing list of Dekum restaurants: