New logo on the wall of the taproom! Not quite fully operational, but close.

New logo on the wall of the taproom! Not quite fully operational, but close.

Remember in Return of the Jedi, when the Empire made the Death Star II, with a design to leave us thinking it was half-built? And then Emperor Palpatine turns to Luke with smarmy, "Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station!" while spitting all over Luke? Starting a business in Portland has been much like that for me.

I think of just about anything in terms of frameworks, or containers. Like creating a corporate entity container to hold the business, or locating a building to hold the operations.  Then with these large frameworks in place, build the systems within: websites & finance systems, or fermenters, sinks & kegs.

The work for me has been coordinating all the rapidly moving parts over these past few months. And all of a sudden, whether it looks like it or not, the project is up and running and ready for life!

This week is a big one - electrical, walk-in refrigeration, bathroom paint, flooring & closet doors. And at the end of the week, we're getting so much closer to being fully operational!

Oh, I cannot tell you how much I'm anticipating opening the doors, seeing you all come in, enjoy yourselves and a beverage, with friends and neighbors on a gorgeous Portland September night. Yup, we'll be doing some soft openings in just a few weeks. 

And don't forget the funding campaign, every little bit helps - much thanks & cheers!

AuthorKen Bonnin Jr