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Sophie bertrand

A note from the maker:

"I hope people who buy my pottery find the same joy in using it daily as I do in making it. I want my whisical and functional handmade pottery to make you smile and take the edge off what can be a hectic world. 

Life is hard, let's mak eit better with ART!!

Thank you for looking


Hi-Wheel has several ceramic pieces by Sophie for sale in our taproom.  Prices noted on individual pieces. 


Mixed Media Creations






From the maker's site:
"I have a deep love of symbology and meaning, and my art is rich with it. I believe that symbols and storytelling provide us with the ability to see the relationships between our consciousness and our inner world, the community, environment and universe we live within. As the creator of CirceLux and the Luxwing pendants, I do not pretend to know all of the meaning and stories that may reside in their forms. I believe that Art is as much the observer’s reflections of the art as the artist’s intent. Their story continues to be emergent even for me…. may you find your own story."
Hi-Wheel has several pieces available for sale.