Hi-Wheel hosts several rotating artists....check 'em out below!

If you are interested in displaying and selling your pieces at Hi-Wheel, click HERE to email us. 

Sophie’S STUFF


A note from the maker:

"I hope people who buy my pottery find the same joy in using it daily as I do in making it. I want my whisical and functional handmade pottery to make you smile and take the edge off what can be a hectic world.  Life is hard, let's make it better with ART!! Thank you for looking.


Hi-Wheel has several ceramic pieces by Sophie for sale in our taproom.  Prices noted on individual pieces. 


Marty’s Terrariums



Kya Photography by Kate!

One of our incredible customers is showcasing her new pieces. These gorgeous rescue animals deserve your wall! The pieces on the wall are available as framed, on metal….from our wall or from her website!


Marty’s got talent!

Our friend Marty has been making beautiful plant habitats which thrive with the occasional spritz of water and some sunlight! Marty incorporates layers of colorful sands, moss, plants, and decorative pieces (i.e. stones). Perfect for small spaces, or to keep the sneaky cats for nibbling at your greenery! In addition to having several pieces for sale, we are looking forward to hosting regular workshops for you to create your own pieces!